Coaching Services

All consultation and coaching services require a brief synopsis and the first ten pages.

Consultation: $150 hr

(Two hours are included in the initial consult. After the initial consult, the hourly rate applies.)

Consultations are mainly for known problems that the writer just cannot figure out how to fix. For instance, an agent suggests that you cut 100 thousand words from your novel and were only able to cut 60 thousand words, and you are positive that no more words can be removed without changing the structure or voice. I can check if filler words, POV, and tenses have all been straightened out.

Now, if you consult me first, I can check if cutting is the best course of action.

When a new writer writes a novel of considerable length, there will be a lot of filler words and repetition. Still, there could also be two consecutive or interwound stories that account for the length, which could be separated into two complete novels. This is not always the case, but it can and does happen.

I will also suggest a consultation before accepting any coaching or developmental work. I do this to make sure the right course of action is made.

Developmental Work: $1500 min

Developmental work is for completed or almost completed works that fall short of a publishable manuscript. Usually, an agent may say this needs more development work done, or beta readers like a novel but feel it could be better, and the writer does not know how to go about fixing the problems. This is where I can help you identify possible issues and suggest possible ways to improve your completed novel manuscript.

Coaching: $1500 min to start.

You’ve tried to write and been to workshops or not, but in any case, you just cannot seem to find the time or know where to begin.

If you cannot find the time, here is my free advice: If you write one page, about 300 words, per day, you will have a 365-page (109,500-word) book completed within a year. Time is a terrible excuse.

12-Week Get Started Program: $1500  (Coming Soon)

I will take you through a college workshop-like course that teaches the following:

  • Telling versus showing (the pros and cons of both)
  • Plotting versus situational writing styles
  • Dialog writing and formatting
  • Character development
  • Character continuity (Identifying contradictive actions of developed characters)
  • Plot continuity (Identifying plotholes and fixing them)
  • Writing to market (Why this is important and will not pigeonhole your creativity)

Other Services

Ghostwriting: 6¢ to 9¢ per word. A minimum of 50 thousand words. 

All ghostwriting must be done from a detailed outline or detailed individual chapter synopsis. If I have to create it entirely, that is not ghostwriting. I only work from ideas and storylines that were already created. Indie authors must agree that the finished work will be edited before release.

If I have to read novels already written, the price is 10¢ per word, whether 50 thousand or 100 thousand words. If I have to read more than four titles to start the job, it will be an additional $50 for each title I have to read after the fourth one.

I work in segments of 10 thousand words but require a deposit of half the proposed word count in advance.

  • I will craft your story using the same techniques I use for my other services
  • The novel must fit within the popular fiction genre.
  • Must have a detailed outline or an individual chapter synopsis
  • One pass will be done for revision
  •  My copy editor will do one pass
  •  Beta readers available on request

Interior Book Design (typesetting): $200 min for up to 50 thousand words of plain text.

Typesetting services are designed according to vision and genre. There are typefaces that genres like crime or fantasy prefer and ones they do not. I will review your completed manuscript and give you a quote based on your vision and the options, from plain text to more complex designs with images for the title page or chapter openers.

$200 min for up to 50 thousand words of plain text.

$300 min for 50 thousand words with Chapter background images and custom scene breaks.

$500 min for illustrations.

Proofreading with formatting in mind. $150 min

Must be an InDesign file for me to proofread so that I can fix any formatting mistakes according to industry standards.

The title must be ready for publication and not have been typeset by me. This is the last check to make sure typos and formatting mistakes have all been caught. I focus more on typos and formatting than grammar. This service is for a publisher or author who wants to produce the best quality product.