If you have landed here, there is a good chance that you want to write the best novel you can but are wary of criticism on your level of writing, the type of novel you want to write, or undecided whether to self-publish or seek an agent or publisher. I can help with all these decisions and more.

I am a story coach. I am not an editor; although, we will work on your novel on a Content and Developmental level.

What I do: Every story has elements that allow the writer to tell the best story. I will help you bring these elements out and make sure they are used to best tell your story.

  • Telling versus showing (the pros and cons of both)
  • Plotting versus situational writing styles
  • Dialog writing and formatting
  • Character development
  • Character continuity (Identifying contradictive actions of developed characters)
  • Plot continuity (Identifying plotholes and fixing them)
  • Writing to market (Why this is important and will not pigeonhole your creativity)

What I don’t do

  • Copy edit
  • Line edit

Ghostwriting services:

  • I will ghostwrite novels only in speculative fiction, crime, and thriller genres

Book design (Typesetting) services:

  • I will format your novel that is ready for publication
  • I can make a simple text-only design
  • More complex designs with chapter opener background images available