I am a lover of stories. Stories in some form have always been a part of my life. After years in another field, I decided to become a novelist, so I took a sabbatical and wrote several novel-length manuscripts. During this process, I realized that help was needed, so in 2010, I decided to go to Boston University to study English. My love for the written word and the process of creating novels from concept to publication intensified.

In 2017, I embarked on a journey to get an MFA degree, but I wanted to also learn publishing and preferred genre writing over literary, so I chose to enter Emerson College’s Master of Fine Arts program in Popular Fiction Writing and Publishing and graduated in May of 2019. The program focused on literary writing with genre fiction elements, such as mystery, thriller, speculative fiction, horror and the like.

My education combined with extensive reading and writing has allowed me to realize that a novel with great writing will still fall flat without a good story. Story trumps good writing. This realization has made me want to help others write their best story.